The Acai Berry has been hailed as one of the the best health discoveries in the new millenium.

The Acai Berry grows deep in the Amazon Forest and is a rich dark purple colour. Berries are known for their healing properties and the deeper the colour, the more beneficial the berry. Scientific studies have found the Acai Berry to be almost a superfood and there is almost not an ailment that cannot benefit from the antioxidant qualities in the juice or pulp of this berry.

People who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and related diseases have found tremendous relief from pain by using the products from this berry.

Lets look at what the Acai Berry offers YOU in way of health benefits:

* It helps Maintain the healthy function of bodily systems and organs
* It Increases energy, libido and stamina
* It promote healthier hair and glowing skin
* It Promotes healthy sleep
* It Supports the immune system
* Act as a powerful anti-inflammatory (helpful for people with diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism as well as heart disease)
* Helps reduce pain and soreness
* Helps rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit to make you feel healthier overall

While there are many nutrients in the Acai berry, clearly the strong antioxidants qaulities are the major reason for the health benefits of Acai.

Free radicals build up in our bodies as a result of the way we live. Chemicals in fruit, water and food pollute our bodies and make us sick. The antioxidants and nutrients in the Acai Berry flushes these chemicals out of our bodies, lowering the chances of our getting sick or developing diseases such as coronary heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and many others.

Acai Berry, taken on a regular basis will help keep  you in excellent health, as well as keep you looking younger than your actual age. The natives of the Amazon Forest who consume the berries on a daily basis, were found to have no sign of cancers, heart disease, strokes or any of the other diseases that affect the average human. They were also found to have almost no wrinkles!


Regular Use of the Acai Berry can Keep You Healthy

If you regularly use products that are rich in antioxidants you will see that the majority will contain extracts from grapes or berries more than any other type of fruit or herbal plant. It has been discovered by medical research over the years that all types of berries are well known for their superior antioxidant properties. Many different types of berries are thus now used in a huge variety of health promoting supplements, drinks and immune system boosters.

Recently a new exciting discovery was made of the Acai berry which has been proven to be a cut above the rest when it comes to the benefits of immune boosting and antioxidant properties. Now you can purchase Acai berry juice which has incredibly powerful benefits for your body in more ways than one.

Acai Berry - from the Amazon Jungle

The Acai berry is found on a species of palm tree that grows in flood plains and swamps in the central and South America regions and has exceptional qualities as an antioxidant that are superior to most other berries.

These Acai berries are harvested as fruit by the locals, but quickly deteriorate once they have been picked. As with all berries that have deep colors they are rich in polyphenols well known for their high properties as being antioxidant. Research has proven that the darker in color a berry is the more powerful is the antioxidant properties it can provide and the Acai berries are a dark purple and almost black in color giving you an indication of just how good it will be for your body

Life  in the 21st Century

Your body builds up poisons from pesticides used in growing of food and from pollutants in the environment. Antioxidant supplements remove these from body cells and they are harmlessly secreted in your waste. Through extensive research of the Acai berry properties it has been found that the seeds offer the highest in antioxidant qualities and taking a regular course of Acai berry products go a long way in promoting a healthy immune system.

In the 21st century fast paced modern living it is easy to follow an unhealthy lifestyle and bad nutritional habits. For this reason people that are acutely health conscious follow a regimen of vitamins and supplements to help put back what the body lacks. Your body needs help in ridding itself of these harmful chemicals and the best way is by using Acai berry juice.

Why you need Acai Berry Products

In addition to this regular detoxification for your body it goes a long way in helping to boost your immune system and the benefits are that you feel great and look good. Acai berry products are now available in the form of a delicious drink as well as in supplement form that will boost your energy levels while at the same time you enjoy the best in antioxidant qualities.

Perfect Acai - 100% Organic and Fair Trade Freeze Dried Acai