Lets compare Acai Berry Products to similar products on the market, in this case the Monavie which is being sold via network marketing and also claims to have similar healing properties as the Acai Berry.

What is Monavie?

Monavie is a juice that blends 19 fruits together. While the exact amount of Acai in Monavie is not known (more on this later), MonaVie, Inc states that the Acai Berry is "the foundation of the MonaVie blend" (quoted from "The Premier Acai Blend" - promotional brochure by MonaVie Inc. #8102 1106). Monavie juices come in 25.35 ounce bottles and need to be refrigerated.

What are the exact ingredients of Monavie?

Mona Vie juice is a blend of 19 fruits. The fruits are - Acai, Apricot, Aronia, Acerola, Purple Grape, Passion Fruit, Camu Camu, Banana, Lychee Fruit, Nashi Pear, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Prune, Wolfberry, Pear, Bilberry, Cranberry, Blueberry and White Grape.

There is no way to tell how much Acai is in a serving of Monavie. The blend of the 19 fruits in the Monavie Juice is a proprietary blend. Simply put, MonaVie does not discuss how much Acai is in each serving of MonaVie.

Monthly cost of Monavie

If you use the Monavie as recommended, one bottle will last you about 1 week. You will need at least 4 bottles to last you one month. The MyMonavie.Com Shop lists the price for 1 bottle of the MonaVie Active at $45 and the Original for $39. This means that a one month supply will cost between $156 and $180 a month. Yes, there are discounts if you buy in quantity, but we still feel it is a relatively high cost per month.

Also Monavie does not use 100% freeze dried Acai - they use a blend of acai puree and freeze dried Acai. Some of their independent reps have been making outrageous claims online. Saying that Monavie can cure diseases is dishonest and irresponsible. We of course believe that Acai has tremendous health benefits, but a number of Monavie reps have crossed the line and sold some very sick people a false set of promises.

How does Perfect Acai compare to Monavie Juices

How much Acai is in your product?

Perfect Acai contains 1,000mg (1 gram) of 100% freeze dried Sambazon Organic Acai per serving. There are 60 servings in a bottle. Most clients do 2 servings a day, so they get 2 grams of Acai per day and 1 bottle last 30 days.

MonaVie™ Juice :
Unknown. Monavie is a proprietary blend of 19 fruits and there is no way to know how much Acai is in each serving.

What is the source of your Acai?

Perfect Acai exclusively uses Sambazon 100% Freeze Dried Organic Acai. Sambazon Acai is Fairly Traded. Sambazon Acai is certified organic - click here to see the Organic Certification. Sambazon is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

MonaVie™ Juice :
Unknown. A review of the Monavie website and promotional material does not state where they purchase their Acai from.

How is your Acai processed? Puree? Freeze Dried? Spray Dried?

The only ingredient in the Perfect Acai is 100% Organic Freeze Dried Sambazon Acai. Freeze Dried Acai is about 6-7 times as concentrated as Acai Puree.

MonaVie™ Juice :
Not exactly known. The Monavie juice uses a blend of Acai Puree and Freeze Dried Acai. The exact ratio is proprietary.

Conclusions on Mona Vie™ and Perfect Acai™

When it comes to the MonaVie juice we feel there are too many unknowns and mysteries. We believe in keeping things simple. If you have heard of Acai and want to try Acai - why not just take Acai? The Perfect Acai is simply 100% Organic Pure Sambazon Freeze Dried Acai. Nothing else added, no proprietary formula, no MLMs - simply the best Acai in the world! Why complicate life? Sometimes simple is best.

Perfect Acai - 100% Organic and Fair Trade Freeze Dried Acai



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